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Restaurant interiors are generally static, filled with artwork that doesn’t change very much or very often. That’s not true at Dassara, a ramen restaurant in hip Brooklyn, which can morph its interior to suit its clientele. Thanks to technology from Mitsubishi Electric as imagined by Ramenwerk and SupaPop Studios, Dassara customers experience a visual as well as a nutritious feast. And the changing display attracts new customers while drawing restaurant regulars back for more.

“Most restaurants have ‘dead’ times when a restaurant’s concept isn’t able to draw people in,” said Justin DeSpirito, one of the owners of Dassara. “But our display wall allows us to use projections, light and sound to dramatically and easily change the look and feel of the room to suit a variety of clientele. One night we’ll have an upscale art event and the next we turn ourselves into a sports bar. As a result, we’re busy every night of the week.”

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The dining room boasts a 21-foot by four-foot wall that shows artworks in an ever-changing display along with original paintings by SupaPop Studios' Sean Danconia and SPS animation trailers. The images are created by three Mitsubishi Electric extreme short-throw projectors and are edge blended so they appear to be one continuous piece of art. The projectors can show static images, movies, video or even televised sports events.

As a part of the overall design, Ramenwerk also added color-coordinated LED lighting and a big-screen, high-definition television that hides behind a two-way mirror when not in use. There are noise-absorbing elements in the room that optimize sound distribution and a music system that is fully integrated into the lighting and projected content. It’s a successful combination of art, light and sound that enhances the dining experience.

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The whole system is centrally controlled and can automatically run themes or images on a pre-set schedule. A tablet interface allows for manual and/or remote control of all the elements, with additional software for efficient content management and distribution.

“Our clients don’t notice the technology, they notice only the result,” mentioned DeSpirito. “They can enjoy the space, their conversation and their meals, without distractions.”

Customers love to visit the ever-changing display, whether they’re sophisticated art aficionados or high-energy sports lovers. As a result, Dassara is able to attract a more diverse customer base, and positively impact its bottom line through increased traffic and even the sale of fine-art itself.

Added DeSpirito, “We have patrons who love art, those who love sports, and we have people interested in technology who are very curious about how we’re able to project a seamless image across such a large wall without casting shadows or being obtrusive. Everybody enjoys their time in the restaurant, and wants to come back to see what we’re showing next.”

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