CAPSULE BATTLEZ | Pre-Production Commencement

Get ready True Believers for Capsule Battlez! The latest and greatest from the SupaPop Studios team and producer Alfred R. Kahn— licensing genius and anime maverick— the man behind iconic brands like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Super Mario, Cabbage Patch Kids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Most of the details about Capsule Battlez are marked very TOP SECRET for the moment but we can tell you that the anime-toy-brand revolves around a sci-fi action-adventure series set in the day after tomorrow and is inspired by a rich heritage of over 70 years of Pulp Novels, Anime, Manga and Comic Book history with a little "Ancient-Alien" thrown in for good measure. (°ヮ°) 

Check out a small preview of the incredible concept art from our Supa-team of capsule-charged creatives!

CCO and show-runner, Sean Danconia explains, "Capsule Battlez will hit audiences of all ages with a compelling vision for the future that is positioning itself as a brand franchise unlike anything the anime, toy or gaming industry has developed to date. We're all thrilled to have some of the very best minds in the business working on this with us, from from Al Kahn to Sony animation's Jack Hsu (Spiderman, Lego Batman). We're aiming to have our first animation tests done for Fall 2017 and will "strike back" with our next development update soon after".

Capsule Battlez