Sean Danconia

SupaPop Studios founder, Sean Danconia, has built an extraordinary career by way of marrying a dynamic marketing savvy to a passion for art, design and cinema. His irreverent, prolific, and explosive imagination—based on an encyclopedic knowledge of popular culture —has produced an eye-popping array of fine art, collectibles and multimedia experiences across the globe. 

Upon graduation from McGill University, Danconia attended the Brooks Institute, studying film, design and photography. Soon after, he launched his media career as the executive protégé to Miramax VP Paul Rosenberg, working on their first feature release – 'GO' (Sony Pictures). Danconia's next project would be as Assistant to the Director on Elie Samaha's 'B' Kung-Fu flic, 'The Tracker'. Later partnering with Lion King Producer, Jay Rifkin, the team developed an array of media properties, garnering deals with Mass Animation and Bang Zoom Entertainment. 

Aware that no one would produce his films until he made them himself, Danconia 'put them on' a screen of his own choosing. This would include cinema-inspired apparel and accessory collections while distributing wares from some of Europe's most iconic brands: Ferrari, Invicta (Diodora) and the original Seven. Showcasing his talent at the world's first Project Show (NYC), Danconia would be invited by fashion-house 'Cabrelli' to a launch concept store called 'MASHIN' (Maa-Sheen), in the Lower East Side. Following his fashion debut, subsequent partnerships were forged with apparel powerhouses The Jaytex Group, GNA and White Lotus Media in Hong Kong. 

After returning from Asia in 2008, Danconia established SupaPop Studios in Los Angeles' historic Arts District, lending his avant-garde opticals and storytelling to a host of the world's most enduring entertainment brands. His clients include The Walt Disney Company, New Balance Shoes, Warner Bros., Sanrio, King Features, General Mills and Universal Music.


Danconia's fine-art hobby has found a home at renowned galleries around the world including Mouche Gallery (Beverly Hills / Maui), Art Insights Animation Gallery, Wonderground Gallery (Downtown Disney District), Gallery of Music and Art (Caesar's Palace), Kojawan (London), Gallery 1988 and Sotheby’s.

Danconia is currently Co-Chief Creative Officer at SupaPop Studios.

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