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A science fiction fantasy for children (of all ages), "My Starling" celebrates the beauty, supa-fun and rich mythology of Chinese culture. 

Based on the classic Song Dynasty tale of a little girl who rides dragons through the sky, our heroine "Star Ling" takes audiences on a never ending space-age afternoon Dim-Sum adventure! From the Green Tea Galaxy to her ancient homeland of earth– get ready for a fantastical Journey to the West (of the Future!)

Thrown head first into the final frontier, Star Ling finds herself boldly going where no nine-year old galaxy explorer, aspiring chef and mahjong champion has gone before. She must draw upon her upbringing and Chinese family traditions through a series of endlessly amusing trials and tribulations that test the Yin-Yang of her universe. 

Throughout Star Ling's adventures, we 'll meet and become BBFs with a myriad of heroic and humorous characters inspired by Chinese mythology and legends—reimagined for a 21 century audience.

Please join StarLing as she rides the celestial sky, searching for and discovering the super-glue that binds life, love and five-spice flavored dumplings (her recipe) together.

Coming soon to a holographic flat-screen anamorphic virtual reality TV set near you!