From the surreal to the surprising, acclaimed london-based brand, product and interior designer Henry Chebaane sits at the forefront of the experiential design world.

With his stunning array of restaurant, hotel and retail environments around the globe, Paris-born Chebaane combines out-of-the-box thinking with an unparalleled aesthetic sensibility, translating his fervent imagination into cutting-edge physicality which has led to a consistent string of commercial success for his international client base.


From his london studio, Chebaane has worked on over 300 projects worldwide, from resort and hotel planning, to Michelin-starred restaurants to designing porcelain collections for the Japanese market.  Chebaane's product and interior design firm, blue sky hospitality includes clients as varied as Diptyque, Narumi, Daewoo, intercontinental hotels and four seasons. when stuck between flights, Chebaane finds free time to dabble in art under the pseudonym h.dd8, creating eclectic art pieces, statues and installations that puzzle and entertain in equal measure.