Cynthia Hall DomineLicensing Director

An MBA graduate of the Wharton School of Business and Cornell, Cynthia Hall Domine began her career on Wall Street but was soon recruited into the licensing world by the iconic toy and anime pioneer, Alfred Kahn.


Under Kahn's guidance, Domine rose to the role of senior vice-president at Leisure Concepts where she managed all aspects of Licensing Programs for some of the world's biggest brands including Nintendo of America, World Wrestling Federation and James Bond.

In 1996, Domine founded Synchronicity, a boutique licensing agency representing a diverse roster of properties, inventions and ideas. And just as Domine broke new industry ground at Leisure Concepts by being first to license Nintendo characters into snack foods, she turned an aging candy franchise into a worldwide licensing phenomena, building Tootsie Roll Industries from zero to over fifty international licensees establishing her reputation as a unequaled maverick in the Licensing world.